Fishing at PS1 Contemporary, Long Island City, NY

Performance Intervention

Photographic Documentation, 2010

Photo Credit: Peter O’Neill

This series documents an intervention I performed at PS1 Contemporary in Long Island City, NY. (from left to right) The first image situates me on the notice board indicating what is currently on view at the museum. The second situates me in a Walter De Maria film that was included in the exhibition ’69’. For me this was significant as I am so much informed by many artists of that period. The third situates me ‘fishing’ in what was then a semi permanent installation – a swimming pool created by Leandro Erlich. And finally the fourth situates me interacting with an installation by Felix Gonzales Torres, which was positioned as the last installation one encountered before exiting the exhibition ‘100 years‘, which sought to survey the last 100 years of performance art; by interacting with this final installation, I was situating myself as the most contemporary example of performance on view at the museum that day.