Superimposition: Taylor Fire



I superimposed a found image documenting a recent wildfire in Montana onto a recent photograph I took in rural Ontario, CAN. The animation unfolds over an extended period of time to convey as a premonition, situating the fire as though it is in Ontario’s landscape.

I often think, as I read the news about wildfires elsewhere – that similarly destructive and devastating fires could easily happen in areas where I or my loved ones reside, areas which so far, have not been directly impacted by the increase in wildfires resulting from climate change.

Created for an exhibition at Ryniker-Morrison Gallery at Rocky Mountain College in Billings, MT.

Wildfire Details:

  • Name: Taylor Fire
  • Date Fire Started: August 1, 2021
  • Location: Between the towns of Winifred and Denton in Fergus County, MT
  • Details: Burned approx. 22,909 acres of timber, sage, and hay fields.

Source of Photograph Documenting MT Fire: Fergus County Sheriff’s Office,

Location of Ontario Photograph: Wellington Road 123, East of Palmerston, ON