Pier: Platforms in the Southwest

A Series of Site-Specific Installations

In the spring of 2016, I produced twenty-five desert installations and five urban installations throughout the Southwest, USA over the course of sixty days.

The installations consisted of installing a pier that was built out of salvaged materials; when it was installed in urban locations, it was treated as a meeting place and platform for communication, and when it was installed in rural, desert environments, it was treated as a platform for reflection.

The first three weeks of the project were focused on cultivating opportunities for engaging other artists and interacting with the public – I invited artists and members of the public to participate in the project by joining me to salvage materials, build a section of the pier, or sit on it with me while it was installed in a public space. The latter five weeks, consisted mostly of my working independently, travelling to very remote areas, camping, and installing the pier in deserts.

Installations were documented with photo, video, and by maintaining a blog.

Please visit the project website for more details: www.pierplatforms.blogspot.ca

The path and location of installations